Welcome to West Papua

The Federal State Republic of West Papua is a sovereign nation-state with a provisional government, which was formed at the Third Papuan People’s Congress on October 19th 2011, with Forkorus Yaboisembut as President. We strive for recognition of the rights of West Papua and our Declaration of Independence. Read our press release.


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West Papuans have been brutally dispossessed of their land, natural resources, and cultural heritage while simultaneously enduring a systematic campaign of unspeakable depravity and brutality that endures until today.

Yet, there is hope. In June 2016, the Foundation Legal Aid for the People of West Papua has filed an official complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council.

However, this is only the start of a long legal campaign – the first steps on a narrow path to justice and improved self-determination for the People of West Papua.

If you care for human rights and the fate of our people, now is the time to help. Show your commitment with a small donation to our cause – any amount is appreciated.