About this website

This website has been commissioned by the Foundation Legal Aid for the People of West Papua, on behalf of the Federal State Republic of West Papua and its president Forkorus Yaboisembut.

It will serve as the official website of the Federal State Republic of West Papua and to draw public attention and organize global support for the formal legal complaint which has been submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

About the campaign

The filing of the legal complaint with the UN Human Rights Council is a very important step towards justice and improved self-determination for the People of West Papua.

Unfortunately, as with any complex legal inquiry, the path to potential relief from the Human Rights Council is an extremely long one—one that will be measured in years, not months.

From the moment of filing to the moment of resolution, the complainants will be required to vigilantly advocate their case by conducting additional factual and legal research, making additional submissions to the Human Rights Council, lobbying potential partners, and generally raising awareness.

If not accompanied by a robust and continuous campaign, the complaint will slowly slip through the UN’s bureaucratic cracks and eventually be forgotten.


Why we need your support

We call upon your support for the following reasons:

  • A multi-year legal campaign will require significant financial resources – not only in order to pay for legal fees, but also to create awareness for our cause.
  • It is extremely hard for the People of West Papua to self-organize, as the armed Indonesian forces in West Papua vigorously execute a policy which suppresses freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. The very act of collecting and sending abroad money for a legal campaign would be an extremely difficult and dangerous undertaking, if at all possible.
  • The People of West Papua have suffered from a decades-long policy of economical marginalisation. Because of this, our capacity of funding a significant multi-year legal campaign is severely limited.
  • As detailed on the Background page, the annexation of West Papua by Indonesia after an utterly undemocratic process that was everything but an ‘Act of Free Will’ was facilitated by the United Nations. The world needs to right this wrong.
  • If there was ever a time for any global citizen to stand up for human rights and support our cause, now would be it. As the People of West Papua have formed a government and initiated a formal legal procedure, this will either result in improvement of justice and self-determination, or an even more severe continuation of the systemic human rights violations the People of West Papua have been subjected to in the last half century. Your support will make the difference between the former and the latter.

Now is the time to help. Please support our legal campaign.